Tips for Best Henna Stain

Want to get that really dark cherry henna stain that everyone keeps posting pictures of?  How is it that they do it, what magical steps are they taking that you're not?  Well, wait no longer, I'll tell you the steps to take to achieve the best color.  

Before even getting to the step of applying your paste, you have to make sure the area you are applying henna is well prepped.  Which means...

  1. Are you getting your nails done for this special occasion? Make sure that too is done prior to applying henna. If you have to wax, please do that before applying henna. Exfoliate that area to make sure the dead skin cells have been removed and your hands are freshly cleaned. Make sure you there is no product on your skin when you are sitting to do henna. Which means no lotions, oils, or creams.

  2. During the process and even after, try to keep yourself nice and warm which also helps the stain be dark.

  3. Natural henna takes time, the longer you keep it on the darker and longer lasting it'll be. It is recommended to keep the paste on for 6-12 hours for best results. 2 hours would be the absolute minimum, however longer is better!

  4. Once the paste is dry on your skin, you can apply a mixture of Lemon & Sugar solution to keep the paste moistened on your skin. This allows the stain to continue seeping through onto your skin.

  5. Keep it dry!! For paste removal, try to pick it off or flaking it. DO NOT USE WATER!! Usage of water will greatly reduce the stain. Try to avoid water for 12-24 hours after paste removal. If you have to, apply a thick layer of oil onto the stain and then wash.

  6. Lastly, keep your stain moisturized for best results.


Does that seem like alot?  Maybe, but it'll get you the best result!

The henna stain will oxidize on your skin from an orange color to a brown/dark cherry red color after paste removal over a 48 hour time period.  The color will vary depending on which location on your body you have the henna tattoo as well as your body temperature. It is best to stay warm. The best results are on the hands and feet.